The Classic Red Brangus Sale History

The Classic Red Brangus Sale was established in 2009 by Ian & Anne Galloway, Peter & Kristine Dingle, Stephen Duff and Gavin McKenzie to provide an outlet for Red Brangus Bulls from Australia’s leading Studs. Since that time the sale has steadily grown and is now an established annual event on the bull sale calendar. As the sale has grown other studs have been invited to participate in the sale.

Only bulls that conform to a strict selection criteria can be catalogued for the Classic Red Brangus Sale. The average Classic Red Brangus Sale Bull is polled, is 24 months of age, weighs 790 kilograms, has an Eye Muscle Area of 122 square centimetres and a Scrotal Circumference of 39.2 centimetres. The Classic Red Brangus Group believe it would be a difficult to find a bull sale anywhere in Australia with a line of bulls exhibiting that level of quality and performance



Auctioneer, Brian Wedemeyer, Elders Rockhampton, vendor Gavin McKenzie, Tannyfoil Brangus, Blackwater and buyers, Mort and Stephen Duff, Duff Red Brangus, Gympie with the top priced Classic Red Brangus lot, Tannyfoil Felix (P) that sold for $16,000.


Bevan McKenzie, Tannyfoil Brangus, Blackwater and top price bull buyer, Ian Galloway, Duarran Brangus, Roma.


Chadwick Downs Red Hot H300, sold for $29,000 to Ian (pictured left) and Anne Galloway's Duarran stud, Roma, offered by Stephen (pictured right) and Elaine Lill's Chadwick Downs stud, NSW.

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